Femto Mega

Femto Mega is a programmable multi-mode Depth and RGB camera with real-time streaming of processed images over Ethernet or USB connections. The camera uses Microsoft’s industry proven ToF technology and the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform to deliver a software-defined Depth and RGB vision platform for computer vision and AI developers.

§High resolution sensor provides detailed scene understanding. 
§Wide Field of View covers large area. 
§Various operating modes for different applications. 

§In-camera processing of advanced depth vision algorithms. 
§Integrated NVIDIA Jetson Nano™ system-on-module for AI processing can remove need for dedicated compute. 
§Orbbec SDK enables easy setup and has a rich set of APIs for integration with various applications. 

§Depth and RGB cameras in single device. 
§Combined data and power with Power over Ethernet (PoE) or USB-C 3.1 connections eliminate need for multiple cables. 
§Can be directly connected to servers or cloud as an IoT device. Precise synchronization control uses standard ethernet cables

Product Specifications

ProductFemto Mega
CertificationsClass 1、FCC、RoHS 2.0、CE

Precision: ≤17mm
 Accuracy: < 11 mm + 0.1% distance

Depth FOV

NFoV unbinned & binned:H 75°V 65°

 WFoV unbinned & binned:H 120°V 120°

RGB FOVH 80° V 51° D 89°±2°
RGB Resolution Framerate

3840x2160 @Up to 25

1920x1080 @Up to 30

Depth Resolution Framerate

WFOV unbinned 1024x1024 @Up to 15 FPS

WFOV 2x2 binned 512x512 @Up to 30 FPS

NFOV unbinned 640x576 @Up to 30 FPS

NFOV 2x2 binned 320x288 @Up to 30 FPS

Power Supply

USB Type C;
Power Adapter 5V/3A


Nvidia Jetson Nano

Temperature10-25° C
Data TransferUSB 3.0 Ethernet
Average Power Consumption


Operating SystemsWindows/Linux
SDK Orbbec SDK

8-Pin Connector

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