What is a 3D camera

The 2D camera only records the texture of an object instead for the 3D data of the physical world. With no 3D data, 2D devices do not have 3D perception. 3D cameras can obtain the coordinates of each point in the image and reconstruct the 3D data.

Why choose Orbbec 3D Cameras?

Orbbec is dedicated to creating intelligent technologies for every human, everywhere. Achieving this requires superb 3D cameras that are affordably priced and universally available. Orbbec designs and manufactures state-of-the-art 3D cameras and boards.

In-house Manufacturing Plant

More than 16,000 m² of in-house plant with tens of millions of manufacturing capability for 3D visual perception products. Class 100/1000/10000 dust-free rooms for high precision optical adjustment.

Mass Production

With years of development and production experience, Orbbec has the ability to bring the technology to the mass for both industrial and consumer applications.

Customization Service

With 3D perception products and technologies developed for various of industries, Orbbec is capable of providing personalized optimization and customization solutions for enterprises.

What products do we have

Structured Light Camera

  • Astra 2

    Astra 2, Orbbec, Structured Light
  • Astra+

    Advanced Heat Dissipation Stable Operation Orbbec SDK Compatible
  • Astra Mini Pro

    Optional Case Compact Design Accurate Measurement
  • Astra Embedded S

    Faster FPS Compact Design Built for Adaptability
  • Astra Series

    Original Product Line Outstanding Depth Performance Developer Friendly

TOF Camera

  • Femto Mega

    Femto Mega Orbbec 3D Camera Computer
  • Femto

    Orbbec SDK Compatible High Image Quality High Precision
  • Femto W

    time of flight, 3d camera

Stereo Vision Camera


Camera Computer


Development Board

  • Zora P1

    Modular Design for 3D Vision Application Development