At Home Fitness

Once people see themselves in 3D it opens up a conversation about what they want to look like & who they want to be. Your fitness routine can benefit from 3D application algorithms, and the smart TV with Orbbec 3D product is capable of providing AI interactive experiences such as AI fitness, large screen social networking, and AR smart services .


Application Scenario

Customer Case

Orbbec and FITTAR’s technology innovation for a new way of Fitness Training – Smart mirror

FITTAR gives users a great level of interactivity, fits everyone’s personal needs. They are combining the know-how of their team along with professionals in the sports and fitness fields, to ensure a great user experience. learn more

Orbbec works with Cogvis making the lives of the elderly easier and safer

- Up to 94% fall prevention algorithm accuracy in real life application - Detects 2.6 times more falls than care personnel learn more


Moptar partnering with Orbbec to create accurate motion tracking and capture a visual of overall customer behavior

Retail analytics and data traffic research is critical for any business. These brick-and-mortar stores experience random foot traffic, and it is helpful to use people tracking to see the bigger picture of what is going on in their business. learn more