Astra Stereo S U3

Astra Stereo S U3 combines all the benefits of Astra Stereo S but with a USB 3.0 to provide for a more powerful camera but with the same great outdoor and multi-camera capabilities. This advanced 3D camera has another trick up its sleeve! A lot of depth applications require the need for multiple cameras, especially in retail environments.

The Astra Stereo S U3 solves this problem by allowing 3D cameras to be placed in close proximity to one another. The Astra Stereo S U3 provides computer vision that enables dozens of functions for close range high precision applications such as retail, automotive, robot picking, objective measurement, and home security etc.

Product Specifications

ProductAstra  Stereo S U3
Range0.25m – 2.5m
DEPTH FOV67.9°H x 45.3°V x 78°D±3.0°
RGB FOV71.5°H x 56.7°V x 84°D
RGB Image Resolution1920x1080@30FPS; 1280x720@30FPS;   640x480@30FPS
Depth Image Resolution1280×800@30FPS; 640×400@60FPS;   640×400@30FPS
Power SupplyUSB Type C
Temperature10°C – 40°C
Data TransferUSB Type C
Power ConsumptionAverage: 2.2 W
Operating SystemsAndroid / Linux / Windows
SDKAstra SDK or  OpenNI 2 or 3rd Party SDK
Dimensions65.3mm x 22.5mm x 12.3mm
Precision+/- 1 – 5mm @1 m
RatingClass 1 Laser

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