Moptar partnering with Orbbec to create accurate motion tracking and capture a visual of overall customer behavior

Retail analytics and data traffic research is critical for any business, but most importantly for businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence. These brick-and-mortar stores experience random foot traffic, and it is helpful to use people tracking to see the bigger picture of what is going on in their business.

The same analytics are needed whether it is a large shopping center, factory, museum, or even a restaurant. The data gathered by people counting and motion tracking will provide business owners with a detailed analysis of what inventory sells best, and how people shop at their store. A brief introduction for Moptar (People Tracking): Moptar is a motion tracking software system that enables the acquisition, tracking and analysis of human or object motion lines. It uses 3D cameras to detect people and their movements, so no tags are needed to track them. It can be used in retail stores, public places, and factories. 

Moptar's Key Features & Benefits: 

 • Analyze how long and how many customers passed through, stopped-buy, or stayed in each product section within a store 

• Detect user-defined movement patterns in real-time based on conditions such as movement, height, location, and time duration 

• Provide insight on customers' migration movements to different areas within a store 

• Send out alerts, in real-time, when detecting abnormal movement patterns 

• Trigger personalized digital signage advertising based on each customer's movements 

 • Track how many times customers reached for products on shelves 

 With these above features, Moptar can help any retailer achieve store analysis, sales floor analysis, aisle analysis, even product shelf analysis. Helping retail more understand each customer’s demand, create one to one personalized service and promotion. It also assists retail in better design the layout and sale floor, improves the shopping experience for customers. Moptar has been implemented in various locations such as retail stores, restaurants, exhibitions, offices across Japan, China, United States and Europe.